Instructions for Presentation in Best paper Award Instructions to the candidates

B) Rules for papers to be presented in the competitive sessions for medal:

  • Only the presenting author’s name can be displayed in the title slide.
  • No other authors’ name/name or logo of the institution/ hospital/ centre should be present neither in the title nor in the content. Such mentions if present, would invite disqualification.
  • The photographs or radiological images used in the presentation should not contain the name or logo of the institute

C) Presentation:

  • All speakers must be present in the virtual hall at least half an hour before the start of their presentation. In case of delay/absence for any reason, alternate time cannot be arranged. The candidate’s candidature will be deemed as invalid.
  • We are committed to completing the scientific program on scheduled timings, as multiple meetings are lined up after the sessions are over.
  • Kindly strictly adhere to the time allotted for your presentation as communicated by the scientific committee. A rough calculation for timing your presentation would be 3 slides per minute
  • Please ensure that you follow the allotted time limit for your presentation. In case you overshoot the allotted time, the screens will go blank, volume will be down and you may have to abruptly conclude your talk.

D) Others

  • We will maintain complete privacy and security of your presentation and will not share it with any other delegates and vice versa. We request you to follow the same.
  • Please do not ask us to share any other speaker’s presentation. Even in case of mutual agreement we would request you to obtain it directly from the speaker.
  • Your presentation should be strictly limited to the topic which is submitted as the abstract. Please do not deviate from your given topic.

If you have any further queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following numbers

ISSHCON Org Chairman: Dr G Karthikeyan - 9841130686

ISSHCON Org Secretary: Dr R Sridhar - 9840274842

Ms. Aanish (Torque entertainments):